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The Covenant Companion

“When Palestine Becomes Personal”
September/October 2018 Issue

“Group Wrestles with Experience on MENA Vision Trip”
July 2, 2018

“Stronger Together”: The Evangelical Covenant Church Annual Report Stories (PDF) July/August 2017 Issue

“Grounded in Brussels”
July/August 2016 Issue

PRISM Magazine

“Generation E: Young Entrepreneurs on Dreams, Fears, and the Faith That Pushes Them Forward”
Fall 2013 Issue, Pages 16-18


“Christians vs. The Big Questions”
April 2011

“Serving Opportunity and Hope”
June 30, 2010

Religion News Service

“College Activists Draw on Faith Traditions to Fight Human Trafficking”
April 26, 2012
Sidebar: “Professionalizing Human Trafficking Activism”

Columbia Faith & Values

“Out of the streets and jails: Chosen Generation Ministries focuses on recovery”
March 27, 2013

“Religious studies professors, students react to Pope Francis election”
March 13, 2013


“In the Storm”
July/August 2009

Ignite Your Faith, teen magazine of Christianity Today

“A Beautiful Moment: David Crowder’s Remedy for a Hurting World”
Fall 2008 Cover Story, written with Todd Hertz

“Kendall Ciesemier: Founder of Kids Caring 4 Kids”
Fall 2008

Book Review Column
January/February 2008
March/April 2008 (Music Issue)
June/July 2008 (Novels)
Fall 2008
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